Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spy Gear

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Spy Gear toys are a great line of fun toys that help your child to feel as though they are a real spy.  I will admit that I have been known to play with the Spy Gear toys that we already own and  I am sure that I will enjoy this new one as well.

spy gear logo

We were sent the Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam which I am trying to decide which one of the boys is going to get it.  This is a fun little camera that your child can hide somewhere so that they can spy on someone.  I am not quite sure that I am ready to be spied on all of the time but I honestly think that this one is going to be a lot of fun.  I do think that we will have to have some rules though, like no video taping someone when their door is locked and no video taping people when they sleep (well, because frankly that is creepy!).

spy gear

What Children Should Know About Spies

Since so many children are obsessed with Spy Gear there are a lot things that parents should be willing to teach them.  Of course the world of espionage is one that is not always easy for children to understand and filled with a lot of information that children should know about.  So when it comes to teaching children about spies with their Spy Gear there are some rules that you should really follow.

Rule 1 — Do Not Teach Too Much

Teach your child the basics.  Tell him or her about the job that spies perform in a way that they can understand without being scare.  I told my children that a spy was someone who works for someone else to find out information.  They took this answer, asked a few questions, and we discussed until I thought that they had at least a grasp on the job.

Rule 2 — Keep Things Age Appropriate

I could share a lot more with my oldest about spies since he is 11.  I have decided that we can sit down and talk about things in a way that I couldn’t with the other children.  I would be able to tell him about the government wanting to watch others without him becoming afraid.

Rule 3 — Make Sure No One is Scared

Make sure that you explain things in a way that your child is not going to become fearful during.  If your child does get scared, ask why and learn what is really going on with them.

So when it come to having some fun with their new Spy Gear toy, my children are going to have rules about what type of “spying” is allowed in our house.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spin Master Toys Family Game Night Games

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Family Game Night Games Can Help You Survive Family Game Night with Toddlers

Since I am the mom of four and there is about 8 years of age difference between number 1 and number 4, I will admit that at times I have to really get creative to have fun as a family.  Let’s face it, it is not often that a toddler and a junior high student have the same interests.  This is one of the things that I love so much about the family game night box full of games that I received from Spin Master Toys.  I was able to really play games with all four of my children and I could survive family game night with a toddler.

Spin Master logo

I received a family game night pack that was filled with four of the hottest games of the season.  The games included Headbanz Act Up!, Beat the Parents Family Challenge, Moustache Smash, and Shark Mania.  We loved playing the three that we tested out during our family game night and I am sure that they are something that your family would enjoy as well.  (On a side note:  I will follow up with some more pictures in the future.  I thought that I was videotaping the last game night from time to time and my phone ran out of memory so I was not doing anything….oops!)

family game night 4

Tips to Survive Family Game Night with a Toddler

**Choose Games That Everyone Can Play

family game night 5

One of the things that I love about Shark Mania is that it is really a game that everyone can play.  Now we already had this game as Huxley had gotten it for his birthday.  This game is a TON of fun and one that we actually play quite a bit from time to time.  There is a learning curve and maybe even a little frustration in the beginning so I would suggest setting up and playing once alone before you have your child play.  Otherwise it is a game that everyone can play fairly.  Our 3 year old and our 11 year old both enjoy playing this one and they genuinely seem to have a good time playing.

**Have Fair Teams

family game night 2

With the game Beat the Parents Family Challenge we know that it is going to be hard to have it be children against adults.  Instead we tend to split things up a bit and do the game split into teams that are more fair.  This does not mean that the children do not still get to do the children tasks on the card and the parents continue to do the parent’s task.  It just makes it easier for them to play since playing without our 11 year old would mean that one team could not really read completely yet.  (Althea is a good reader for her age but as a 1st grader some of the questions and words would be way to hard for her!)

**Find Ways to Let Everyone Play Fairly

family game night 1

I am a strong believer that children should not get special rules in a game.  This does not mean that they are always going to lose.  The thing is that I want my children to lose sometimes so that they learn to be good sports and not sore losers.  I made the mistake with the oldest where I always let him win when he was little and he still gets really upset if he is playing games and not doing so well.  So when it came time to play Headbanz Act Up!  I looked at the things on the card and picked ones out for the little ones that they would potentially know what they were.  Some of them were things that a 3 year old or a 5 year old might never be able to figure out.  They still had to play the game by the rules but the game was adapted so that it would be possible for them to play.

**Focus on Each Child’s Strengths

family game night 3

Each one of your children is going to have strengths and their strengths will come into play in different board games.  Althea has really good hand and eye coordination so I think that she will be amazing at the Moustache Smash game.


Holiday Gift Buying Guide — Teach Your Children to Help Others with Paw Patrol

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Spin Master logo

Paw Patrol is one of the hottest TV shows right now.  It seems like no matter where I go there are tons of toys, movies, and even games featuring the lovable characters.  I will admit that my younger two are really into the shows and get really excited when we are watching them.  So I thought that it was a lot of fun that we received the Paw Patrol On a Roll Marshall toy.  I think that this looks like fun and it is going to make the perfect Christmas present for Huxley with the addition of a great Paw Patrol movie.  I love that someone is going to give him something that he is going to love so much.

paw patrol logo 2

In the past I have shared some of the great things that your child can learn from the Paw Patrol.  Today I thought that I would share a fun little lesson that you could teach your child about helping others with the help of the Paw Patrol.

paw patrol

One of the greatest things about the Paw Patrol is that they are always “on a roll” to help someone else.  They are ALWAYS trying to do something that is focused on helping others!

How the Paw Patrol Can Teach Your Kids to Help Others

paw patrol logo

**Lead By Example

The best thing that parents can do to teach their children to help others is to lead by example.  One great thing about the Paw Patrol is that they are ALWAYS lending a helping hand so they are the perfect example for your children.  I love that mine want to go on a rescue after they have watched the show!

**Talk to Your Child About Helping Others

It is great to share stories with your children about helping others.  One great way to do this with the Paw Patrol is to talk about how the characters helped others when they were on their mission.

**Volunteer With Your Child

While preschoolers might not be able to do much in the way of volunteering, there are projects that you can do.  Ask if you can adopt a grandparent at a local nursing home.  This is a great way to take your child to visit someone on a regular basis who might not otherwise have visitors and it teaches your child how important it is to give back.

**Find A Local Organization to Get Your Child Involved In

There are many great organizations that work with children to do things that are part of giving back to others.  I like scouting personally but there are many other organizations out there that someone could get involved in with their children.

**Donate with Your Child

Help your child to clean out their closet or their toys and take them with you when you go to donate these things.

**Take to Your Child About How to Help

When your child mentions something about knowing someone in need, take the time to talk to them about how you can help them.  Try to come up with something that you can do as a family.  What about not going out to eat for a month and investing that money into a grocery store gift card for someone who needs food?  Helping your children to be willing to invest their own sacrifices to help others is a very valuable lesson in life.

So it is possible to teach your children how they too can give back and help others.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Just Enough of a Breeze with Ozeri

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I LOVE sleeping with a fan on me.  When I was younger this was not something that I appreciated.  In fact, I will admit that when I was younger, I was ALWAYS cold.  Well since I have gotten older I have learned that there is just nothing the same as being to sleep all night long in the comfort of a fan.  This is something that I personally enjoy and something that is going to make me happier while I am trying to get a night’s rest.  I don’t know why this has changed but it has and since it has I have not been able to sleep without a fan.

ozeri logo

Well recently my fan broke and I found that I was not sleeping very well without it.  In fact it seemed like Shane and Adeline (who still usually ends up in our bed) were not sleeping as well either.  So I went on a hunt to find a great fan.  What I found was that Ozeri makes a ton of amazing fans and many that I would love the opportunity to be able to review.

ozeri 1

I was excited to choose the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan which I really LOVE.  I am so excited that I was able to review this because the amount of breeze that it creates is just perfect for sleeping all night long.  I have found that with this fan plugged in that we are all sleeping just a little bit better and maybe even a little bit longer.  Yes I will admit that I have even slept in and woken up late enough times that I am setting an alarm each night again which I have not done in a few years.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fan

**Think About Your Needs

During the winter I want a fan that produces a gentle breeze but during the summer I need a fan that is going to be strong enough to really cool our room.  I am so excited about this fan because it produces a nice gentle breeze but can produce enough to keep us cool all winter long!!  I also wanted a fan with a remote because then we can adjust it from our bed…yes I am that lazy when I trying to sleep.  (Well technically not lazy but I have a really hard time falling asleep when I too cold/hot or when I get up and more around.)

ozeri 4

**Think About Where the Fan Will Be Used

One thing that I have to do when looking at fans is think of what rooms we are going to use them in.  With this fan I knew that I was going to use it in our bedroom so I knew that it could be something a little more than what we use in other rooms of our home.  I really love it and am so happy that I chose to review this exact model.  This one is slim enough that it is easy for us to fit anywhere in our overcrowded room.

ozeri 3

**Choose a Fan That You Know You’ll Love

When I saw this tower fan with three fans I knew that it would come in especially handy this summer.  We actually do not have vents in our house and can not have central air.  So I was very interested in being able to see if this fan would be strong enough to really cool our room so that maybe we would not have to put a window AC unit in.  To be honest I think that we will have no problems staying cool this summer now!  The sleek design and style are certainly something that I appreciate and love.

ozeri 2

**Don’t Be Afraid to Spend a Bit More to Get What You Want

I am one of those people who rarely worries about how much money  I spend on something that I am going to use a lot.  I know that some of my friends and family are always looking for a great bargain but one of the things that I remind them is that you have to spend money for something that is higher quality to really get a great value.  I strongly believe this with fans.  This amazing fan is just $95.99 right now.  It is on sale from $129.95 and I would have purchased it for the more expensive price now that I have seen how amazing it is.  The quality is just so much better than the other fans that we have owned.

Please forgive me for using stock photos.  I honestly just did not love the photos that I took of the product.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Stay Warm with Honeywell

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Recently I was lucky enough to receive the Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater and I have to admit that this is one of the review items that my husband has bragged about the most.  To be honest Shane doesn’t talk much at all (Shocker since I talk all of the time, right?!?).  Well I had asked him about things that he needed to try and find something for review.  He expressed to me that his heater that was in the basement got broken when our basement flooded last summer.  Since this is something that he had used every single day last winter,  I went on a hunt to find a great personal heater for his work area in our basement.

honeywell logo

What I found when I was searching was that Honeywell has some great rated heaters that are supposed to work really well without taking up too much space.  So I was pretty excited to be able to test out the Heat Bud because it is really small enough for him to set on his desk.  The best thing is that he tells me that it works really well and that it really helps him to stay warm at his desk.  Since his desk is such a mess and I am too embarrassed to post pictures I thought that I would share stock shots with you.  This is only because his desk is his space and I do not feel like I should be moving things or cleaning it up no matter how crazy it drives me.

honeywell 1

The Heat Bud is a personal sized heater that is perfect for anyone who is hoping to stay warm this winter.  It works great and is small enough that it can really be placed anywhere.  The heater is made from ceramic too so we know that it is going to last a long time without problems.  It also looks cute when it is sitting out thanks to its modern design and multiple color choices.  Not only does it provide a lot of eat for its size, it also only uses 250 watts of energy!  This really makes it great for anyone who is trying to save money without making them have to sit around being cold.

Tips to Save Money and Stay Warm This Winter

**Look for Items with the Energy Star Label

When you are shopping for personal heaters or other items to help you stay warm look for ones that have the energy star label on them.  This is going to ensure that you are choosing products that use the least amount of energy.  I love that the Heat Bud only uses 250 watts of power or less.

**Keep Thermostat Set No Higher Than 68

It can be tempting to keep turning your thermostat up this winter but the higher you go, the more money that you are going to be spending.  Think about keeping your house at around 65-67 degrees and do not go higher than 68.  This can save you hundreds throughout the winter months and no your children are not going to get sick from playing in this temperature.  Think about summer time and when you turn your AC on, most Americans turn theirs on when it is just 70 degrees outside.

**Clean Vents, Registers, and Filters

Cleaning out the vents, registers and filters is going to make it easier for air to flow through them which will help it stay warmer using less energy.

**Use Electric Heaters in Colder Rooms

Using small personal heaters like the Heat Bud can really save you money when heating your home this winter.  We live in an old house that has really high ceilings in our living room and dining room so it is especially important for us to use small heaters in the rooms that we are sitting in so that we can avoid spending extra money on heating bills all winter long.

Tips to Keep on Keeping On When It Gets Tough — Week 4 with Shake the Crave

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I am admitting that this has probably been the hardest week yet for me with Shake the Crave.  I struggled a lot this week and frankly I refused to step on the scale.  I did step on it and I was down another pound but after having a bad few days I was afraid of seeing a weight gain.  I am a real mom and a real wife and there are just times when it is a lot more difficult to keep pushing towards eating healthy.

shake the crave

I am sure that every woman who has struggled with weight loss has been here.  My reason for not stepping on the scale is because I know me.  If I see a weight gain, I freak out and completely quit trying to lose weight.  Since Shake the Crave is working so well for me I did not want to fall into that trap.  I will weigh at the end of the week and I am hoping to see more of a weight loss.  I have lot 5 lbs total in 4 weeks.  I know that this is slower than what I would personally like but to be losing weight this time of year I feel really good!  I feel great that I am actually losing and doing something great for myself.

So I thought that I would share some of my tips to keep on keeping on when the going gets the toughest.  I need to remind myself of these things all of the time and I am continually reminding myself where I want to be in the end.

Tips to Keep on Keeping On When It Gets Tough


Yes, I am yelling this one at you.  Staying off of the scale is the hardest thing in the world for me personally.  I hate not being able to weigh myself daily but I can become obsessive and really lose focus when I see fluctuation from day to day.  Right now I am just really focused on eating healthy and trying to be more active.  While the holiday season is happening all around me I really am trying to avoid overeating and really am working on being as healthy as possible.  The way that I manage to do the best is by staying off of the scale.  Since the beginning of my weight loss journey I have lost a total of 15 lbs.  While I know it is not much, I know if I do things the right way that I am slowly getting closer to my goal.

**Celebrate All Losses

I will admit that I sometimes feel disappointed or discouraged when I am trying to lose weight.  Like right now it is really hard to celebrate weight loss when it is happening so slow.  However the fact is that I am losing weight.  That’s right, I am losing weight and I know that if I continue to celebrate each of the small losses that I will eventually be able to celebrate the big ones.  So I am celebrating that during the worst season of the year for weight gain,  I am slowly losing a few pounds here and there.

**Set Reasonable Goals

I am terrible at this.  I wanted to lose 102-122 lbs when I started.  It has been very difficult for me to set small reachable goals.  However what I have learned is that by setting these HUGE goals I would get discouraged with each small struggle along the way.  Now that I have been setting more reasonable goals for myself I have been seeing real results.  So if you ask what my next goal is…it is to lose 7 lbs over the next 4 weeks.  Should I reach this goal sooner and I sincerely hope that I do, I will make another short term goal that is reasonable and something that I can manage.  The way that I look at it is that I have the next two weeks with my kids home which means that we can all be a little more active together and I can really work on working out more…this has been something that I have been failing with.

Oh and I thought that I would now share my weight loss to date photos with you.  Here are my pictures from the beginning of the plan to now.  From the start of Week 1 to the start of Week 5.

shake the crave week 1 shake the crave week 5

And for the side view

shake the crave week 1.2 shake the crave week 5.2

I know that it is only 5 lbs but I feel like I am starting to see a change.  :)  I definitely think that my thighs and butt looks a little bit slimmer!!

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spanx Workout Clothes

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I have to admit that I have a love affair with Spanx.  I literally can not remember the last day that I went out of the house without wearing them.  That being said when it comes to the perfect clothes to working out in, I would have NEVER imagined how much I could love Spanx line of clothing.  I thought that their leggings, tops, and pants would all be the same but I was very wrong.  There is nothing more amazing to me than how I look when I  am headed to the gym or getting ready to work out at home in Spanx workout clothes.

Spanx logo

Earlier this year I wrote a review about the great Spanx workout clothes that I received.  I wanted to bring these clothes back up in a new feature because I really do want them for Christmas.  In fact I was telling my mom tonight just how much I wanted some Spanx winter apparel to be part of my Christmas gifts.

Tips to Find Workout Clothes to Feel Confident In

**Find Clothes that Look Good on You

spanx 4

The best things about Spanx workout clothes is that they really do look great on everyone.  I could not believe the amazing improvement that I saw in myself when I put on my Spanx brand workout gear.  I was super impressed with the Shaping Compression Crop ($88).  In fact these became my go to pants all summer long and I still try to wear them with boots but they are a bit short to honestly pull that off.  I just love how flattering these leggings are and how they make my curves look beautiful in all the right ways.

**Find Clothes You Can Feel Confident In


When it comes to working out as an overweight person going to the gym is embarrassing.  Let’s face it no one wants to struggle with worrying about whether or not their flab is going to be flopping all over the place while they are pounding it on a machine.  That being said, I had lacked confidence so much for years that I avoided working out and going to the gym which just led to either weight gain or no weight loss as I had desired.  The Spanx On The Go Pant ($98) really made me feel confident and better about myself.  I loved that I could work out hard and never worry about having too much of a belly jiggle because it was all nicely sucked into my pants.

**Pick a Piece that You Love

spanx 2

One additional piece that I tried out was the Ribbed Racerback with Shelf Bra ($62).  This top was amazing on and really helped me to feel more confident about how I looked when I was working out.  It was also the perfect tank to wear underneath things and became one of my favorite tanks to wear regardless all summer long and even into the fall and winter with sweaters or jackets because it is so flattering and so comfortable.

My Current Spanx Wish List

In case you were wondering.  Here are the Spanx items that have recently caught my eye.

spanx wish list 1

Signature Skinny Jeans in Wax Black

spanx wish list 2

Denim Legging in Indigo Wash

spanx wish list 3

Contour Jacket in Black

spanx wish list 4

Ready to Wow Woven Twill Legging in Black

spanx wish list 5

Ready to Wow Faux Leather Legging in Black

spanx wish list 6

Look at Me Leggings High Waisted Cotton Leggings

So as you can tell my own Christmas list has a ton of Spanx on it and it is something that I love so much that I thought that you would too!

A Look at a Few of My Favorite Gifts

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I have to admit that I have had a TON of fun this holiday season shopping for friends and family.  One of my favorite places to shop has been Minted this season.  I really love all of the amazing gifts that they have for everyone in your life.  I wanted to share with you a quick review about the things that I have been able to purchase for people in my family and share with you how much I love them.

minted logo

Great Gifts from Minted

**A One of a Kind Birthday Gift

So when I was given the opportunity to pick up a few things from Minted I chose to get a birthday gift for my husband’s grandmother as one of them.  My husband’s grandmother just turned 80 while she was on a cruise with the whole family (minus my husband, myself, and our four children).  I wanted to do something special for her since we did not take the cruise with everyone else.

minted 1

I found the beautiful Real Foil Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art 8×8 ($65.00).  Now I have to apologize because I wrapped this one before I snapped a picture of it so I am going to have to show you the stock photo.  I was very impressed with the quality and I am sure that it is going to look beautiful on her wall since I got a wood frame to match the ones that are in her home.

I chose to take photos from the family cruise and inserted ones of the family that could not be there.  Otherwise it is all of her favorite memories from the special trip that she got to take with the family.

**Something for Myself

minted 3

I will admit that since I am determined to journal all year that I wanted to stock up on journals over the holiday.  I asked my husband for a custom journal with family pictures on it and he was going to have one made.  However when I had the opportunity to work with Minted I thought that it was silly for him to spend more money.

minted 2

So I chose the A Year In My Life Notebook ($16.00).  I really like this one and am so excited to be able to break it open and start writing in it as soon as I receive it.  I plan on keeping it in my bag where I keep my work stuff and will be writing in when we are out and about throughout the year.  It is a great journal and will be perfect to collect memories, poems, and writings that I want to share.

**The Perfect Mother in Law Gift

minted 7

Finally I chose to make one of the A Year In My Life Weekly Planners ($26.00) for my mother in law.  I wanted to give her something special this holiday season and something that she would be able to use all year long.  I thought that this was pretty and something that would be a favorite for the next year.

minted 6

I covered hers in favorite pictures from throughout the last year of the grandchildren.

minted 5

I think that she will love it and I am sure that she will be showing it off to everyone at work.

minted 4

You too can shop at Minted for all of your favorite gift giving needs.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — iSwimband

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Do you know someone who has a little one and a pool?  Do you know someone who travels and takes their kids swimming a lot?  Well if you do then iSwimband is just the product that you have been looking for.

iswimband logo

iSwimband is a unique product that has been proven to help prevent drowning.  There are two different types of iSwimband and each one works differently.  The one for infants or toddlers works in that it sets and alarm off on your phone if the sensor is in water.  The one for older children sends a signal if it is submerged for a certain period of time.  This means that you will be able to relax when you are taking your children to the pool.


Now as a mom I will admit that I am NEVER relaxed when I take my kids to the pool.  I have four children and to be honest, I rarely take them swimming alone because it is so scary.  I mean, who wants to have to live with something happening to one of your children that could have been prevented?  So we tend to head to splash parks or places where children are not going to be able to get hurt as easily.  I like to be able to see them all at the same time too and with our local pool this is nearly impossible!

I feel like I would be able to brave the pool alone with iSwimbands, even though I know that this is still not likely to happen.  However I love that it does make something easier for me as a mom and that the product is great for someone who might own a pool at their home.

Since I was sent the iSwimband for review I have to admit that we have not had access to a pool to really test it out.  I saw instructions for how to test it out in the bathtub but I know that I want to be able to really check out how it would work.  So I am going to plan on updating after I have been able to really check it out.  I did want to share some tips for water safety with you.

Water Safety Tips

**Make Sure Children Learn How to Swim

I will admit that as a mom I am failing in this area.  My oldest knows how to swim but I was unable to get our middle two into swim lessons last summer.  I called for a few weeks and then forgot to call for one week.  When I called back the next week the classes were all full.  So I know that this summer I need to make sure that the middle two are in swim lessons.

**Only Swim in Areas That Have a Lifeguard

It can be tempting to swim at private beaches or at pools at a friend’s house.  If you are really concerned about water safety, it is recommended that you only swim in areas that have a lifeguard present.

**Know the Rules

Make sure that you read rules that are posted at pools to your children.  You should also make sure that you encourage them to abide by all of the rules.

**Use Floatation Safety Devices

If your child does not know how to swim make sure that he or she is wearing a Coast Guard approved floatation device.

Knowing how to stay safe when swimming is the best defense against accidents.  Keeping your child protected with iSwimband will help ease your mind.


Learn How to Break in Your Jeans the Right Way #YahooStyle

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I have recently decided to have my own No Wash Challenge with my jeans as part of my challenge to myself to get my house neater and more organized in 2015.  I want to do something this year that I have never done before.   That is right.  I will no longer be washing my jeans.  What??!!??  I have been doing a lot of reading lately about how we are not supposed to wash our jeans.

yahoo 4

That’s right!  Did you know that you are not supposed to wash your jeans?  Seriously you are never supposed to run your jeans through the washing machine!!  Many people freak out when they learn this and I will admit that I was a little shocked to learn about this as well.

Levi’s brand announced earlier this year that you are not supposed to wash your jeans and there were posts everywhere.  Social media exploded with people questioning who did or did not was their jeans.

In one great Yahoo! article entitled “#StyleHack How to Break in Your Jeans the Right Way” there is a lot of information that explains to you why the denim has been woven as a material that needs to be broken down.  The best way to break down denim is with a little bit of natural dirt and not washing in a machine.  Actually if you wash your jeans you are going to lose the look that you want and end up with a flat denim look.

Basically the little particles of dirt are what is going to break down the material.  So to make sure that you avoid having that flat looking denim that you hate, you are going to have to stop washing your jeans.  Plus washing them is also going to make the fabric seize up which is why so many times your jeans are uncomfortable or stiff after having been washed.

Now, I know what you are thinking…am I going to stink if I do not wash my jeans?  No, there are actually a few different ways that you can keep your denim smelling fresh without ruining the natural fade and whiskering that you desire.

**Freeze Your Jeans — Freezing your jeans overnight will kill the bacteria that cause them to smell.  All you have to do is throw them into the freezer.

**Spray with Vodka — All you need to do is put some vodka into a spray bottle and spray your jeans.  Then lay them out where they can dry on their own.

**Just Use the Dryer — Some people want that more fitted feeling that they get after their jeans have been washed.  If you want that feeling, just throw your jeans into the dryer for a short (20 minute) cycle.

So basically you can really get the amazing denim looks that you desire just by deciding to quit washing your jeans.

So I am going to be taking the no wash challenge and will be sharing my journey with you in the coming months.  Plus you never know how great my jeans might end up looking now that I have accepted the challenge.

I’m also excited about a few of the great things that I have been able to find through the Yahoo! gift guide for neat freaks.  This is helping me find great things that are going to help me reach my new goal to do all things better in 2015.

One of the biggest problems in my house is keeping the bathroom counters cleaned.  Seriously they are always covered in toothpaste!!  If you are trying to be neater this year then I think that the Milano Toothpaste Squeezer ($205) is something that you MUST have.  I love that it stands on its own and that it would help me to keep everyone from squeezing the tube in the wrong place and spilling toothpaste all over my bathroom counters.

yahoo 1

Another huge issue that I have is trying to keep our floors cleaned.  It does not fail they are always looking terrible even right after I have swept and mopped.  Since I am the mom of four crazy kids I think that they each need their own dust mop slippers ($3 per pair) to help clean our floors that seem like they cannot stay clean!

yahoo 2

Finally I always thinks that our furniture looks scummy and dingy.  I clean it but for some reason it seems that just my children sitting on it seem to make it look like it needs to be cleaned again.  For anyone that has been seated on our furniture you will know why the Murchison-Hume Everyday Furniture & Upholstery Cleaner ($9 per bottle) is going on my shopping list.  I can’t wait to see if it can really make my couch look new like it claims.

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